Animahenasyon is an annual Filipino animation festival that features the different animation works of both aspiring and professional animators in the country through a competition. Also part of the festival is the animation master classes/seminars/workshops, and exhibits of the works of seasoned animators and lifetime achievement awardees. Animahenasyon serves as a venue for Filipino animators to present their world-class ideas, to open doors of opportunities, and a chance for them to meet and be inspired by the finest names in the industry.

Animahenasyon is the Filipino equivalent of animagination, as a result of combining the words “animation” and “imagination” (imahenasyon). It is also about the image (imahe) that we want to portray as a nation (nasyon) of animators to the world. But Animahenasyon is more than just a showcase of what the Filipino animators can do. It is really a harvest (ani) of the Filipino talent and creativity. It is a celebration of the Philippine animation industry.


In an effort to build an audience, awareness and development of original contents, ACPI organizes its flagship project Animahenasyon with the following objectives:

  • create greater awareness of the Philippine Animation Industry and its contributions to the global entertainment business
  • tap locally produced content for promotion in animation markets here and abroad
  • encourage potential talents to explore the many opportunities available in the industry
  • provide a venue for exchange among animators, producers, industry supporters, and possible business opportunities
  • discuss and set direction for the development of the animation industry through the international and business forums.


Animahenasyon has multiple target market segments:

  • students of animation and related courses
  • professional and budding animators
  • animation professionals and enthusiasts
  • executives and managers of APCI member companies
  • entrepreneurs and investors, venture capitalists


Festival Committee

  • Festival director: Nestor Palabrica
  • Festival programmer: Ricky Orellana
  • Conference director: Grace Dimaranan
  • Overall project director: Michael Kho Lim
  • Festival coordinators:  Laisa Gonzales and Maricris Meniado